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Delicious Chicken wraps 2021

Chicken wraps

If you haven’t heard, today is National Chicken Wrap Day.  So get up and go get one of these awesome wraps at your local fast food joint because it’s free!  Besides that there are other reasons to eat chicken wraps on this hallowed day. Chicken wraps They are tasty, portable, …

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How to make Delicious Bourbon Biscuits 2021

Bourbon Biscuits

Bourbon biscuits can be traced back to Bourbon County in Kentucky and it is said that the name derives from Bourbon whiskey which was originally made there. Bourbon whisky has a strong and distinctive flavours and it is believed that Bourbon biscuits were so-named because they also have a rich, …

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How to make Vanilla Milkshake Recipe 2021

Vanilla Milkshake

Typical Vanilla Milkshake There are hundreds of different milkshakes available, but Vanilla Milkshake is a classic that many love to enjoy. Vanilla milkshakes can be made in a blender or with an electric mixer. Vanilla milkshakes are a whipped drink that uses a flavored syrup and mixes it with ice …

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Delicious Cauliflower Rice 2021

Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is an alternative to actual rice  that  is grain-free and can be used in existing recipes or even as a stand alone dish. Cauliflower rice may not sound like much but when prepared correctly it is satisfying and delicious. Cauliflower is one of the most versatile vegetables available …

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How to make Delicious Chicken Pasta 2021

Chicken Pasta

Chicken Pasta is a simple dish that can be made quickly and easily, it’s even something that inexperienced cooks can make. Chicken pasta is usually served with chicken broth mixed in but if you’re looking for something different there are many other options available for this family favorite meal. Chicken …

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Delicious Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe 2021

Chocolate Cream Pie

It’s Chocolate Cream Pie time, the perfect comfort food! Chocolate cream pie is a yummy deep-dish pastry crust filled with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. It is then topped with even more freshly whipped cream. The best part of this chocolatey delight is that it can be prepared in about …

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Delicious Strawberry Ice Cream 2021

strawberry ice cream

Strawberry ices were a popular summer dessert in the Victorian era. Strawberry ice cream is also really easy to make. Strawberry Ice Cream is great for those hot days when you just don’t want to heat up the kitchen making chocolate pudding or cream of pumpkin soup.. Just like the …

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How To Make Delicious Kabuli Pulao 2021

Kabuli Pulao

Everyone loves Kabuli Pulao. Kabuli Pulao is a Persian rice dish cooked with chicken, beef, lamb or even fish in the North. Kabuli pulao has an interesting history which dates back to the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar who ruled India from 1556 to 1605 AD. The Kabul Valley is …

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It’s a cheesy, savory and delicious breakfast bake that is not only very easy to make but also feeds a big crowd! It tastes best when hot out the oven. The Bready Lasagna Pie has become an instant hit in our home when we host overnight guests for Christmas or …

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How to make Delicious Chicken Sajji 2021

Chicken Sajji

Chicken Sajji is a very popular street food from Hyderabad, India. Chicken marinated in spices and sauteed with onion, curry leaves and green chilies. Chicken Sajji tastes great with Roti’s or Naan’s. CHICKEN SAJJI – Chicken – 2 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast cut into small cubes  or any other …

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