Delicious Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe 2021

It’s Chocolate Cream Pie time, the perfect comfort food! Chocolate cream pie is a yummy deep-dish pastry crust filled with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. It is then topped with even more freshly whipped cream. The best part of this chocolatey delight is that it can be prepared in about 15 minutes using common ingredients.

Chocolate Cream Pie

First prepare your pastry crust by mixing together flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder, salt and cold butter cubes until it looks sand like. Add the egg to the mixture until it forms a ball of dough. Roll out half of your pastry dough to fit into a 9 inch dish or pan.

Place the dough in the dish making sure that it fits snuggly against all sides being sure not to leave air pockets. Make sure the crust is pressed firmly up to the top of the dish.

How to make Chocolate Cream Pie

Now prepare your chocolate pie pudding by mixing together eggs, sugar, cocoa powder, salt and vanilla extract until it is blended well with no lumps remaining. Pour this mixture into a sauce pan and cook over medium heat stirring constantly for about 5 minutes or until it thickens.

Remove from heat and stir in butter cubes until they are mixed in completely. Then pour this entire mixture into the prepared pastry dough base spreading it out evenly to all parts of the dish being sure not to leave any air bubbles as you spread. Place aside while preparing your whipped cream topping for Chocolate Cream Pie .

Now take 2 cups of cream that have been placed into a chilled bowl along with sugar, vanilla extract and whipped topping mix. Beat until stiff peaks form. Carefully spread the whipped cream on top of Chocolate Cream Pie filling up all parts of the pastry crust completely to the edge. Chocolate Cream Pie is now ready for eating!

Chocolate Cream Pie can be eaten immediately or covered and placed in the refrigerator up to 3 days before serving for best results. Chocolate Cream Pie can also be frozen for up to 1 month if well wrapped making sure that it is tightly sealed. Be sure to thaw Chocolate Cream Pie out in the refrigerator overnight before eating.

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